Links and Rebates

There is so much information out there about how to become more energy efficient. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, consolidating a plethora of information right here. Please note that some of these resources relate specifically to the Geelong region, some to Victoria as a whole, and some will be helpful no matter where you live.

Below you'll find information for homes and businesses, and information about rebates and grants. If you find that you need more expert advice, Geelong Sustainability offers services for Homes and Business.

This includes the Victorian Residential Energy Scorecard Assessment, a detailed in-home audit where experienced assessors review the property room by room. We also offer 1:1 sustainability consultations, as well as in-home building consultations with our resident architect.


If you’re looking for a trusted supplier, you can search the local Geelong Sustainability Directory. There are also fantastic historical resources which can be found at Geelong Sustainability’s webinar page.


Resources for Homes

If you’re looking to save energy and money in the home, you’ll find some excellent resources through the State and Federal government webpages as well as Sustainability Victoria.

Resources for Businesses

Find useful State and Federal government information around saving energy in your business, as well as Sustainability Victoria’s energy saving advice.

Rebates, Grants and Comparison Tools

Rebates are updated every year, so it’s important to keep informed about what’s available when you’re looking to upgrade. Check out these handy up-to-date sites for more information.